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For our first excursion from Cairanne, we chose a trip to the other side – the other side of the Rhone that is. Carole and Claude had never been to Lirac and Tavel before so we determined that the quickest way go on the A7 north to Orange Nord and then the A9 south for one exchange. This is definitely not the shortest route as the crow flies, but it is the fastest way and in around 40 minutes from Cairanne, we were in Tavel country – you defintely can’t do it that quickly across country. After the autoroute, we first drove through St. Laurent des Arbres with its impressive chateau. The key takeaway: With its cyber strategy, the U.S. has been fixated on the potential for paralyzing attacks on critical infrastructure such as the electricity grid, and establishing international norms against them. But that left the U.S. blinkered when Russia, seeking strategic advantage, carried out an old-fashioned information roundhouse, tweaked for the cyber age with intelligent fake news bots.

Ever wonder what goes on backstage and before the play, to bring you that entertainment? Read on; it’s a fascinating journey. There is a huge failure of good manners in today’s society, and there seems to be a special breed of poor manners encountered in parking lots nationwide.

i have a fiancé which is from turkey, he is going to philippines to visit my family. we are planning to visit India. dito ako sa dubai manggagaling papunta sa india and siya naman sa philippines to india. my question is; is it possible na makakuha siya ng visit visa from philippines to india? if yes, what are the requirements, ano ang mga hakbang na gagawin para maprocess ang visa as soon as possible at kagano katagal bago makuha ang visa to ndia? if no, is there anyposible way para makakuha siya ng visit visa from philippines to india? please, i really need your answer. thank you in advance.

We headed to Uzès without reservations for lunch, which is a major no-no in my book. We and our friends Steve and Mary, love good food and wine and our lunches together are usually a highlight of the day and source of fond memories. So we try to reserve before we head out.

Green waste; recycling; dump fees-a look at the laws and contradictions of modern trash handling. One of France’s first AOC’s, Cassis, unlike most of Provence specializes in white wines, which make up around 75% of its production. The waves can be treacherous and as mentioned, it is best to visit the island between the months of February and May. The price of renting a boat depends on your length of stay on the island. The boats can usually carry up to 10 passengers.

A humorous look at the process of aging, and the difficulties faced. Some are simply due to increasing infirmities; others seem to be imposed by society. Murphy’s Law surely comes into play, here. While most Tavel is produced in stainless steel, this one spent a little time in oak casks. If oak is your thing, you might prefer this style — which is a pretty unique thing, even in Tavel.Tavel