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For our first excursion from Cairanne, we chose a trip to the other side – the other side of the Rhone that is. Carole and Claude had never been to Lirac and Tavel before so we determined that the quickest way go on the A7 north to Orange Nord and then the A9 south for one exchange. This is definitely not the shortest route as the crow flies, but it is the fastest way and in around 40 minutes from Cairanne, we were in Tavel country – you defintely can’t do it that quickly across country. After the autoroute, we first drove through St. Laurent des Arbres with its impressive chateau. Plan on purchasing your tickets in advance as seats are reserved. (Tickets go on sale 30 days before the date of travel. The earlier you buy your ticket, the cheaper they will be.) The train trip from Paris to Aix TGV station is 3 hours, and if you have never traveled by the high speed train system in France, you are in for a treat! Navigating the system is dead easy, signage is in French but readily understandable by English speakers, the trains are extremely comfortable and reliable, and … Read more

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He would have understood that this great-grandson, here to continue his work and keep the family tradition alive, hadn’t forgotten everything while attending engineering school after all, and that in his veins flowed the love for the land that is needed to make great wine! We hope you had a wonderful stay in our Tavel apartment. Please take a moment and click here to share a review of your experience with us. If this hub, ‘Travel when Pregnant – Preparation & Check List’ is useful and had given you new informations, don’t forget to share it with your friends who may need to travel when pregnant. Thanks.

Sandy Soil: The vineyards with sandy soils are the original lands used for vineyards in the region. This isn’t sand like you would find on a beach, but is like broken down limestone mixed with a little bit of clay. The soil lacks organic materials and is only a couple feet deep before hitting bedrock. Wines made exclusively from grapes grown in this soil are said to be more elegant than others.

This may be justĀ one mountain in a large mountain range, but right now, way up here, everything looks beautiful. Thank … Read more