Am I Allowed To Travel Without Applying For Visa?

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Hi hope anyone can help me. My boyfriend is an Afghan national and he’s going here in the Philippines. What are the requirements for him to stay here in our country at least for a month or so? What are the documents needed to allow him to stay here as he plans also to do that. He has a valid visa and passport but he still needs to know the other documents needed. I’ve search the net and found out that there’s no Afghanistan embassy here in our country. Hope you could enlighten and help me.

Hi Everyone! First of all thanks to the person who wrote this blog, you are heaven sent! I was sweating a lot to look for the info about visa exemption especially to Taiwan because I only had a second hand info that once you have a valid US Visa you can go to Taiwan without visa. So when I saw this website, it was more than helpful enough!Tavel

The United States is a great place to travel to as it is such a large country. Depending on the type of travel you will need to obtain the proper type of travel insurance to ensure you are properly covered. I’hope you can help me, about my question may I’ask I’m planning to go and visit in nepal for 6-7 days may I’ask if i need a visa for that stay. please consider my question i really need a you please email me at mariel_casimiro@ for your reply.

Hi, an Indian travel agent said I could get a one way flight to India (Bangalore), but i really got the feeling he just wanted to make a sale. Does anyone know if that is true? Can a Filipino enter India without showing a return ticket? I do not want a round trip ticket because i may want to stay longer than one month; and rather not decide on my return date as of yet.