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However, at a couple of tastings I was introduced to wines from the south of France, particularly the Rhône and Provence areas, and I fell in love. These were inexpensive, tasty, food-friendly wines that were not super complex but approachable. For years afterwards I’d recommend them to friends and family as a fun alternative to $10 Australian and Californian bottles. I think at that price point you get better quality from the casual regions of France, Spain, and Italy. Walk up the road (Avenue de la Paix) to see Ariana Museum (Swiss Museum for Ceramics and Glass) on your right and the first Red Cross building in the world (Musee International de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge) on your left. Walk back to the tram stop. Now you can either take tram 28 to the Botanic Garden (Jardin Botanique) or go back to the centre.Tavel

So there it is- six books to make you drool, sigh, laugh, and yearn for the beauty. the clarity of light, the intensity of color, and the savor of some of the most delicious food and wine on the face of the earth. There are plenty more books on my list, so look for more recommendations soon………and if you can, come with us and live it for yourself.

Sarah Tavel has joined venture capital firm Benchmark Capital as its sixth general partner, after having been with rival Greylock since 2015. Before that Tavel was a product manager with Pinterest, for which she had co-lead a Series A investment in her prior role with Bessemer Venture Partners.

A self-interview with the author, in response to a challenge from another Hub Pages author. How much bread goes to waste every day? Does it go stale, or does it go moldy? The solution is easy. I am Filipino ,can I travel to Tbilisi Georgia? bcoz in the internet of Ministry of Georgia,tbilisi we are not listed. pls reply asap.

To be a little more accurate, this was indeed my daughter’s first train trip and my first travel by train in 25 years. Since I don’t remember much of that trip so many years ago and considering how all things change over time, it certainly felt like my first trip.

A humorous look at the process of aging, and the difficulties faced. Some are simply due to increasing infirmities; others seem to be imposed by society. Murphy’s Law surely comes into play, here. While most Tavel is produced in stainless steel, this one spent a little time in oak casks. If oak is your thing, you might prefer this style — which is a pretty unique thing, even in Tavel.