Château Trinquevedel

Liz, a.k.a. DzyMsLizzy” began writing as a child, and it became her preferred method of expression. She was painfully shy in those days, and found speaking in front of people to be very difficult. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between a cold and the flu. Here is a simple guide. Trying to purchase glasses for my daughter has been one screwup after another by them, and they certainly are not going to try to correct any of their missteps.

Despite everything that went into this process – the blood, the sweat, and oh yes, lots of freakin’ tears – there is nothing sweeter in life than achieving a goal you set out to accomplish. I’ve traveled a lot. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a lot of beautiful places. And in all this traveling, I have learned that the highest mountains have the most beautiful views. The most painful races, have the most gratifying finish lines. The biggest sacrifices have the sweetest rewards.

How the corporate telephone giant AT&T (and its subsidiary companies) hurts consumers with their monopoly by not allowing customers any true choices. This is a review of a series of novels. The idea of werewolves goes back centuries, built on fear, prejudice and ignorance of both natural phenomena and human deformities.

after our out of body experience yesterday at gare de lyon, we are actually considering taking the tgv back to paris. the issue here is not what happens once one gets on the train but rather the process of boarding. paris was a confusing mess and i would hazard to say that amtrak keeps travelers more aware of the status of their trains. the electronic information boards were not working. the train was delayed by over 90 minutes and we were told to board the trail on voie 17 which turned out to be entirely wrong. in the end, we had a wonderful and efficient two and a half hour ride to avignon in spite of our trials and tribulations from 1045 until 1230. there was no information about the status of trains. i think this is an issue of infrastructure. once on the train it is amazing. the arrival in avignon was beyond easy.

Discussion of online privacy concerns at a major popular website used by over 8 million people worldwide. Fingers crossed, this was extremely helpful, the family and I are heading west to Wallyworld for a week taking the train for the frist time. I apperciate the time and effort you put into this blog.

the second wine was 2009 Tavel/Chateau de Trinquevedel. we have had this wine for the last 7 months and it was a favorite. it is a very similar pink throughout the glass and clear. the fruit and flower aromas are complex, with an enticing floral beginning followed by impressive fruit. the taste backs this up, and again there is a subtle finish of white pepper. the balance on the finish is crisp acid and mineral with a perfect balance. i am glad i have several bottles of this left in the cellar.Tavel