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I began this blog in 2009 because I was unsure about a lot of things in my life but I knew two things: 1) I needed a change, and 2) I needed to write about it. Writing helped me process my thoughts and capture whatever moment I was in, even if that moment was foggy and hard to see through. As I began writing, I learned that other people were coming in and out of similarly foggy places, and that it was comforting for them to hear about someone else processing their journey. When the Greylock Partners team came knocking on her door last summer, Tavel knew it was the right fit. She says that it wasn’t her previous experience at Bessemer that she considered to be her biggest asset as she transitioned back into the world of venture capital, but her enthusiasm and experiences with Pinterest.

The key takeaway: With its cyber strategy, the U.S. has been fixated on the potential for paralyzing attacks on critical infrastructure such as the electricity grid, and establishing international norms against them. But that left the U.S. blinkered when Russia, seeking strategic advantage, carried out an old-fashioned information roundhouse, tweaked for the cyber age with intelligent fake news bots.

Poem based upon an artwork by a fellow author, who issued a challenge to create a story based upon that picture. Olive oil has been a mainstay of the region since before the Romans, and we will visit an olive mill where we can both taste and watch the process of turning olives into liquid gold.

can i obtain 2 weeks tourist visa upon arrival in tirana airport in albania? i’m a holder of philippine passport, an albanian friend will wait me there to help get visa at the airport but i wanna be sure cause it’s my first time travelling. Most wines produced in Tavel are made from a blend of the three soil types, however you can find some wines produced from a single terroir.

Finally, we depart Seguret for Gigondas, and the Domaine de Longue Toque (Gabriel Meffre) at the foot of the Dentelle de Montmarail for a tour and tasting. Commonly misused, mixed-up, and mistaken words, with their proper spellings and definitions. Grape vines are flowering in wine country here in the Willamette Valley, and the sight reminds me of wonderful hours spent tramping through vineyards, markets, and picture perfect villages in the South of France.Tavel

Advise for those who will travel to Iran as tourists, the MFA website for e-visa application has been down. Applying for a visa in Iran Consulate in Makati won’t help either. You have to contact a legitimate Iran Travel agent (with a fee) and send the requirements by e-mail. They will then process your papers to the MFA. You have to indicate that the approval code should be faxed to the Iran Consulate in Manila. An approval code will be given to you by e-mail in 2-3 weeks. Once with the approval code in your hand, you have to go to the Iran Consulate for your actual visa, submit your passport, 2 passport size pictures, visa fee, medical certificate and travel insurance. You may comeback after one or two working days to collect your passport with the tourist visa on it.