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I began this blog in 2009 because I was unsure about a lot of things in my life but I knew two things: 1) I needed a change, and 2) I needed to write about it. Writing helped me process my thoughts and capture whatever moment I was in, even if that moment was foggy and hard to see through. As I began writing, I learned that other people were coming in and out of similarly foggy places, and that it was comforting for them to hear about someone else processing their journey. We leave Aix at 9:00am after breakfast at the hotel, and arrive in Bandol at about 9:30. Bandol is a fishing village on the Mediterranean and one of the oldest vineyard areas in France. It lies on the coast between Toulon and Marseille, and is the only wine region in France whose red wines are dominated by Mourvedre, a late ripening grape that must account for 50% of the blend. (I am exceedingly fond of Mourvedre and am really looking forward to tasting these wines in the place where they are made!) We will have the opportunity to view the picturesque harbor, stroll the waterfront and enjoy nibbles at the morning market to stoke up for our tasting of a selection of local red, white, and rose wines at the Maison du Vin.

I’m bound and determined to pack lightly this trip; both to nurse my recently broken wrist, and to leave lots of room for shopping. I’ve always packed far too many clothes, reference books, and gadgets (hair dryers and such) on the off chance that it might be needed. Not this time, I swear!

Great lens. I have travelled by train a lot, all over Europe, China and Canada. It is a wonderful way to travel, but so far, in the USA I have not travelled by train. Perhaps because it is so easy to drive compared with other parts of the world, but I shall certainly give Amtrak a try in the future, next time I am in America.

Carol Drinkwater, actress and English expat who turned a dilapidated farm house into an organic olive farm in the Var, wrote Pressing the Olive: Its a virgin birth of a different kind of her first olive harvest and finding just the right mill to press it into their very own oil.Tavel

A little more about riding trains in Europe. Lots of practical information and personal experiences. I’ve tried to keep it simple, and am still relearning my HTML skills to make it a prettier. All of the rooms at Auberge De Tavel have a unique décor, combining contemporary colours and antique furniture. Each room features a private bathroom.

For four decades, the U.S. and the West at large have seen a stark and almost-uniform trend: the number of jobs has grown and the unemployment rate dropped, but average incomes have not. The bulk of the economic fruits in the U.S. and much of Europe has steered to the top, while relatively low-paying jobs – now almost a quarter of Germany’s working-age population, versus 15% in the mid-1990s – have swelled.