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You can help the HubPages community highlight top quality content by ranking this answer up or down. Hi thanks this is very helpful but I have some questions to ask hope you can help. khit na dadaan lang ako for about an hour ng country because mg join naman ako s barko s husband ko, sobrang higpit. 2 times din akong nagsayang ng travel tax 1,600 php. tsk. Thank you for your fantastic lens and congrats for your LOTD! I already traveled by Amtrak train. I remember that it was fast and comfortable.

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If your clients ask if you make commission, be honest. If you made a mistake and accidentally booked something incorrectly, don’t make up some wild excuse that it was the airline’s fault. Tell the truth and let your client know that you’re doing everything possible to fix it.

This location is awful! Customer Service is ridiculous! I ordered glasses from them and after waiting 2 weeks (they told me 7-10 business days) I called to check in. All they said were they werent in. I called another week later and they told me their lab had a flood and everything was on backorder 2 weeks. Fine. I waited another 2 weeks and called. Talked to the manager Theresa at this point and she apologized and said she would re fund my money and order me the pair for free. I was very happy about this. I did get my refund, but never glasses. I called after a week to check the status. She had not ordered them yet, was waiting on corporate approval. Ok, called back a couple more days later. She wasnt there and I left a message for her to call me. She never did of course. I called back again and she flattly told me coporate said no to getting me a free pair.

is a semisoft cows milk cheese crafted from Brown Swiss and Holstein milk from the Maple View Farm only 30 miles from their Port Townsend, Washington location. This is a mold ripened cheese which has a layer of charcoal ash and salt just under the rind which helps to dry the cheese. As it ages, the center remains crumbly while the layer between the center and the rind becomes runny. The flavors are citrusy and earthy, mushroomy and nutty, with a nice briny tang. This is a cheese that is born to pair with Pinot Noir.

for to the famous market at Saint-Remy-en-Provence, where we will have plenty of time to browse and shop. There are many markets in the towns and villages of Provence, but the Wednesday market at Saint-Remy is one of the largest and most diverse. Saint Remy is also known as the birthplace of Nostradamus, and the place where van Gogh painted and eventually died.Tavel