Lavau Wines Of The Southern Rhône

However, at a couple of tastings I was introduced to wines from the south of France, particularly the Rhône and Provence areas, and I fell in love. These were inexpensive, tasty, food-friendly wines that were not super complex but approachable. For years afterwards I’d recommend them to friends and family as a fun alternative to $10 Australian and Californian bottles. I think at that price point you get better quality from the casual regions of France, Spain, and Italy. How does the universe work? A group of friends with a theatrical mindset had it all figured out years ago. Prepare to laugh at the whimsical theories. Ender’s Game is a big-budget independent film released to DVD in early 2014. It classifies as a Sci-Fi action thriller.

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The Gruet Non-Vintage Blanc de Noir contains a non-traditional 25% Chardonnay along with the 75% Pinot Noir. It shows lovely raspberry fruit (from the Pinot Noir), along with a biscuit yeasty note from 2 years of aging on its lees. Add to that a creamy texture, lovely mousse and pale salmon color, making this a delicious sparkler that you can afford to drink every day for around $15.

Another thing that’s interesting about Tavel is that it’s one of the few rosé wines that can age well. I had an opportunity to taste a couple aged Tavel wines and they were spectacular! While you can buy Tavel while it’s still young, it’s suggested that most will be better with a year in the bottle and some will benefit from more ageing.Tavel

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