Lavau Wines Of The Southern Rhône

Liz, a.k.a. DzyMsLizzy” began writing as a child, and it became her preferred method of expression. She was painfully shy in those days, and found speaking in front of people to be very difficult. When she is not working with her patients, Dr. Tavel enjoys spending time with her husband and 4 daughters. She is an advocate of pediatric cancer research, for which she has raised $100,000 through community bake sales and fundraising events to support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

A few years after receiving the AOC classification in 1936, the vignerons – winemakers of Tavel established the Tavel wine cooperative in 1939. At the present time, there are 946 hectares or 2,338 acres of vineyards under cultivation in the Tavel AOC.

This was a pervasive, inhabiting wind. It raged across the hill above, tearing into freshly bloomed cascades of yellow broom so that the color writhed. Cypresses, the most exposed of the trees, flexed acutely in the line of the wind. They signaled its direction- and identity. The intruder came from the north, sucked down the great valley of the Rhone and into Provence like a jet stream, This was the Mistral.

A humorous look at the process of aging, and the difficulties faced. Some are simply due to increasing infirmities; others seem to be imposed by society. Murphy’s Law surely comes into play, here. While most Tavel is produced in stainless steel, this one spent a little time in oak casks. If oak is your thing, you might prefer this style — which is a pretty unique thing, even in Tavel.Tavel

And if you’re not yet convinced that Tavel is worth a try, think about this: All wines produced in Tavel are rosé. Many rosé producers in other regions that aren’t exclusively rosé treat their rosé as a side project. In other words, it’s not the most important wine in their portfolio and they’re likely to dedicate their best vineyards to either red or white wines. But in Tavel they focus on one thing, and that thing is rosé.

Several of my favorites include Indu Sundaresan’s Tureau, Tureau a tale of how the author came to be running from a bull-in-training named Eduard in the traditional bullfighting style of the South of France where a rosette is tied to the horns of the bull, and the bullfighters, rather than slaying the bull, attempt to grap the rosette; and when chased, leap over the wooden barriers surrounding the ring like circus acrobats.