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Important Points to Consider When Purchasing Motorized Window Shades

When thinking of window shades, most people only think about the old type of shades which were spring loaded and you had to jerk them to make them retract. These days it is possible to purchase window shades that can go over any window or door in your office or home. The modern window shades can be roller style, remote controlled or automatic and can be operated by solar, AC, DC, or battery power. There are many new window shade available options that make living a lot simpler.

Before heading out to purchase motorized shades you need to consider exactly what you need with respect to power, budget and materials for your windows. Always remember that more power is required when operating bigger shades so the size of the motor will depend on how big the window that needs to be covered is. The materials they are made of will vary and is completely up to you to choose and decide. The most common ones are cloth or vinyl because they are the lightest materials which are suitable for this kind of window treatment. Aluminum and wood exterior shades, due to their weight, will require rail systems and heavy-duty motors to run them.

After agreeing on the material, you will then wish to think about where you will use them. They make the perfect replacement for bedroom curtains patio draperies, and windows or in your door. They are available in options of cellular, blackout, fabric and vinyl to match the furnishings available in your home. You may get them custom made to match your exterior trim or your sofa, or the bedroom comforter. Some of these shades can be bought in and outside version that is ideal for keepingout the cold in the winter and the heat out in the summer.

There are very many options on where motorized window shades can be applied. They make an excellent cover for a home theater when it is not in use, and they may be utilized to cover skylights during the daylight hours to prevent your house from suffering from the heat of the sun. Most motorized window shades are meant for interior use but it is still possible to find some for exterior use. These are often interlocking sheets of aluminum that are on rollers with side rails. The modern style of these shades can give your home present a look.

Motorized window shaded may not be found in all local shops and retailers. There are a range of online retailers that provide a discount on the total cost of the shades as well as on transport. The price will differ depending on the size, type and design of the motor and the material it is made from. Most are cheap although custom made will be more expensive. Contact your local shops to see what is available and take dimensions of your windows to the shop with you.

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