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DOPT issued order to extending Travel by Air to Jammu&Kashmir for another two years from 18/06/2012 vide Memo No.31011/2/2003 Estt.-A-IV dated 15/06/2012. After driving around the village, I was glad we had come to taste wine as there was very little particularly pretty or charming about Tavel despite the sign indicating that Tavel is classified as Village Fleuri. This classification is a result of an annual competition set up to promote the development of green spaces in towns and villages across France.

You can have the tickets mailed to you, or if there’s not enough time to mail them, you will be prompted to print out a confirmation page with a reservation number (that’s what we had to do). I’ve included a picture here to show what the confirmation page looks like. Keep this and take it with you to the train station. Hand over your confirmation page at the ticket office (or scan at the Quik-Trak machine) and you will receive your tickets. Here’s a gentleman getting his tickets at the ticket office. But remember there is NO TICKET OFFICE at remote unstaffed stations.Tavel

Sa mga kababayan na gustong mag travel sa Africa. Don’t forget to have a Yellow Fever Vaccine available yan sa Quarantine (Manila, Cebu, Davao). pagpasok mo sa Africa yun ang unang hahanapin ang Yellow Fever Certificate kung wala ka nun di karin pwede pumasok hanggang airport ka lang tapos balik kana sa Pinas. Kung gusto mong mag travel sa mga countries outside Asia mas madali pag wala ka sa Pinas. In my case andito ako sa Africa pag gusto ko pumunta ng europe, gulf, south america walang problema walang tanong tanong tatak lang ng tatak kasi hindi kami nationals nila. Yung mga A Class countries like Europe, USA, Canada & Japan. pag passport holder ka or citizen kana nila no need kana mag visa pwede mo puntahan ng kahit saang countries worldwide kasi they are considered rich countries na kaya nilang tustusan ang pag travel nila at hindi maghanap ng trabaho or relocate kun sakali.

As I began to run, my legs felt a little heavier than I had hoped they would. It took about half a mile to get into it, but with my race-buddy at my side, I was able to find a good strong pace. That is, until I started getting a cramp in my side at about mile 1.5. We were running well and I knew I could have a strong run until the stitch in my side was so sharp I was forced to stop for about 10 seconds. Luckily, the stop was quick and I was able to run through it. Despite being pretty uncomfortable from the stitch, and knowing that my little ankle bracelet was digging into my skin, causing it to bleed a little, I felt about as good as I could have ever hoped to! We passed people who had passed me on the bike ride, and I knew we were going to finish strong. When I knew the finish line was near, I dug deep and made a little sprint to the finish line (after all, that competitive part of me needed its moment at some point!).

For some rule broken by a whole lot of safari groups, Kenya Wildlife Services vehicle KBN 818V demanded $50 cash to allow us to continue. It’s not the first bribe I’ve seen in Kenya. Update: I’ve now read that a tract of land has been chosen for the train station site. It’s only 2 miles from my house!

do i need to have a valid hotel voucher, return ticket just to exit philippines going to an asian country like malaysia or THailand? What if I have intended to travel for 12 days with in asia, do i need to show the immigration all my flight details? kasi parang lately napakahigpit na ng Philippine Immigration to all filipinos going to travel abroad especially parang may discrimination if you are taking budget airlines.