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Macular Degeneration Management Close to 10 million people every year lose their vision as a result of the incurable eye disease, macular degeneration. Age is a factor that actively promotes the slow and agonizing vision loss resulting from age-related macular degeneration. The control and focus of the eye, retina, is affected by the eye condition hence making us unable to recognize faces, images as well as distinguish colors. Just as the cameraperson values the lens due to their sensitivity, that is the same sensitivity that is found in the macula; retinal portion of light-sensation. The primary role of the macula is passing images spotted by the eyes to the brain through the optic nerve passage. The specialism of eye-care allows the experts to know when the disease starts to takes effect in the eye through the aid of retinal diagnosis. Research has shown no known cause of the disease apart from the fact that as one ages the eyes age too and could cause the degeneration of the macula. Family history is another possible cause whereby if it runs your family, it is important to get regular retinal examinations from your eye care specialist. The person who smokes is always at a higher risk of infection than the one who doesn’t smoke. Caucasian genes are subjected to higher risk as opposed to those of Negroid originators. Managed sun basking puts you in less risk of contracting the degeneration disease. Vision loss has been for a long time connected to aging, whereby general aging involves even aging of the eyes. Eye check and examination will be able to find the very detail in your eye about macular degeneration.
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Eye care specialists help you to be sure of the condition that you are suspecting to be suffering. Sunglasses may be an accessory but in this case they will be very helpful in curbing the extent of UV rays to the eyes.If you are diagnosed with dry macular degeneration, you may be referred to a low vision clinic which will be helpful in ensuring that you do not go completely blind.
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At the low vision clinic, the specialists help you in reading and writing whereby the practical bits make your eyes stronger and you are able to carry out your day to day activities. Diet and nutrition advice is given to the affected people especially foods rich in vitamin A, C and E as they control the progression of the condition. Eye surgery is an important aspect in the treatment to manage and control the condition. Deciding on a certain type of treatment will require you to seek advice from your eye specialist.