Sarah Tavel Joins VC Firm Benchmark

First, get your Geneva Transport Card from your hotel/hostel. The card will allow you to use public transportation – trams, buses, trains and yellow taxi-boats called Mouettes – for free. Let’s start our sightseeing with the European headquarters of UN (5 on the map). Take tram 15 from the main railway station Gare Cornavin and get off at the last stop. We would be traveling from St. Augustine, Florida to Columbia, SC (east coast of the US) and back again for a wedding. Here’s a map that shows the Amtrak train route from Jacksonville to Columbia (we departed from Jacksonville because there is no train station in St. Augustine).

Thanks for all the tips. I had no idea that some stations aren’t staffed or that you’re only allowed so much luggage. I didn’t realize some seats don’t have windows either. Actually, I was surprised at quite a few things. Aside from the photographic opportunities offered by Fortune Island’s Acropolis, the sunset is also best viewed and photographed from this location. The island also offers a great view of the lights coming from Nasugbu at night.

But, but, but: This tension hasn’t had any visible impact on Sessions’ agenda at the Justice Department, where he has taken a sledgehammer to Obama’s legacy (especially on incarceration, voting rights, and private prisons). And their less-than-warm relationship means good governance advocates will have one less line of criticism for the administration.

Lauses: The third type of soil is made up of brittle limestone and slate stones. It’s a stone full of color variations that is often quarried to be used in homes. Wines produced from vines grown in this soil are said to have more fruity aromas and intense mineral characteristics.

as a surprise, Guillaume has produced a late harvest wine from a parcel of grenache blanc and clairette on a sandy hilltop. the grapes were harvested in mid-october with a single pass through the vineyard. some of the grapes had botrytis (he had identified the potential for this in the plot he had chosen). harvest was at 22%. the wine is a pale yellow and has a sweet and fruity nose. the taste immediately shows the honeyed nature of the botrytis, along with white fruits. the balance on the finish is a luscious blend of sweet, acid, alcohol, and fruit. and, the wine is called VENDAGE OUBLIEES, the forgotten harvest. this is a great aperitif or dessert wine and i look forward to watching it evolve. as it was just bottled there are no other reviews on it- you see it here first. Guillaume produced only 1000 bottle of this nectar, and 6 fewer remain as of this writing. this is a wonderful wine and i think represents a creative effort from the producer.Tavel

Our final stop on Tain will be at the Cave de Tain Cooperative for another Tour and Tasting. Made up of small member growers, the Cooperative is the largest overall producer of wines in the northern Rhone. One of the wines that they produce is the rare white Hermitage Vin de Paille. This ancient type of straw wine” is made from very ripe white grapes dried on straw for at least 2 months to further concentrate the sugars before pressing. I have never tasted a Vin de Paille, and hope they will have one open when we are there!