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Liz, a.k.a. DzyMsLizzy” began writing as a child, and it became her preferred method of expression. She was painfully shy in those days, and found speaking in front of people to be very difficult. After a picnic lunch, we head to L’Isle-sur-La-Sorgue. This compact medieval town is built on the islands of five branches of the Sorgue river, which flows through, in and around the town, the reason it is often called The Venice of Provence”. What is the best cat litter for your feline companion? Five brands are compared with their advantages and disadvantages listed to help you decide.Tavel

Backstory: The Department of Labor selected Google — a federal contractor — for the audit in 2015. This year, it sued seeking certain compensation information that Google said would hurt its employees’ privacy if released. Google said the request was too broad, and it denied the claim that it pays women less than men.

A look at the various ways programs intended to produce harmony actually do the opposite. Hi, i am working here in japan and I wanted to visit my relatives in USA how and where can I apply for tourist visa? Dito po ba sa japan or I need to go back to Philippines para dun po mgapply ng visa for USA? what are the requirements thank you!

What sensations tickle the nose; delight the eyes; relax the body? Ah, read on, read on. When researching about countries to visit and visas, google is your best friend. Read respective embassy websites carefully and take note of contact numbers. Don’t just ask your friend who ‘might’ know, get first hand info.

With three decades and now a triathlon behind me, I am more convinced than ever that it doesn’t matter if you have to get off your bike and walk up some hills, or if you finish faster than anyone else: it’s all about pushing yourself through that finish line, being proud of yourself when you cross it, and recognizing who is there with you — both finishing with you and cheering you on — when you do. Then, it’s about being grateful that you’re there at all. And boy, I sure am.

Based on the menu, the restaurant’s location and dining room, it was a pretty day but too cold to dine outdoors, I chose Bec à Vin Restaurant It is located in a former 12th century stone Relais de Diligence (stagecoach station). We also took another trip on Amtrak in December. I need to post that experience too since it will include more information on some more things I’ve learned.