Before joining Summit Medical Group, Stacey C. Tavel, MD, was a pediatrician in private practice at Westcare Medical Group on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She also has been a member of the medical staff at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. This biodynamic producer has consistently gotten rave reviews from the national wine press (the Wine Spectator gave it a 91), and it is well deserved. The Reserve Syrah has lots of juicy blackberry and plum fruit and the lovely earth, leather, and peppery spice aroma and flavor of the best New World Syrahs.

There are many options for flying to the region. You can fly Marseille, the closest airport to Aix-en-Provence, which is a great location to use as a base for traveling throughout the region. You can also fly to Avignon or Toulouse, and use the wonderful train system to transfer to Aix. Alternatively you can fly to Paris (lots of choices of departure and arrival times, attractive fares, and the chance to spend a few days exploring the City of Light before heading south).

Walk up the road (Avenue de la Paix) to see Ariana Museum (Swiss Museum for Ceramics and Glass) on your right and the first Red Cross building in the world (Musee International de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge) on your left. Walk back to the tram stop. Now you can either take tram 28 to the Botanic Garden (Jardin Botanique) or go back to the centre.Tavel

You may or may not have noticed that TwT has gone quiet lately. In fact, this is the longest I’ve gone without writing a new post in the over-four-year history of TwT! This timidness is an inevitable consequence of my new life as a grad student (who has time?!), and of course, my new goals. Before I continue, let me just say that this is not a final goodbye” or the end” of TwT …she types as she pretends to hear many e-sighs of relief… I’d like to think that TwT is here to stay, even as it changes form and grows like a vine around my little world, spreading up and out in unpredictable directions yet always staying connected to where it all began.

If you’re a first time traveler (no stamps on your passport), you might be required to show a hotel booking and proof of sufficient fund especially if you don’t have a pre-arranged tour package or itinerary. If you say that you will be staying with a friend or a relative, you might be asked for the invitation letter.

And now I’m here, spending my days with cadavers, studying to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a whole new group of people and a blog that captures many of those flashes of adventures gone by. As thrilling and inspiring as the last decade has been, I find myself less scared and much more excited about the next decade that awaits me.