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He would have understood that this great-grandson, here to continue his work and keep the family tradition alive, hadn’t forgotten everything while attending engineering school after all, and that in his veins flowed the love for the land that is needed to make great wine! On the 2nd day we went to the lovely Island of Murano. Where we learned all about how they make glass and saw an amazing demonstration where they made a vase. Pretty sweet. We also went to a church this day so again I’m wearing pants. This was a more casual day with a lot of walking. So I just went with a simple look.

Actually, sobrang dali lang mag-apply ng visa for Japan. Its contrary to what we have heard from a lot of people. I was granted tourist visa twice in the same year. For somebody working in Singapore, you just have to present your employer’s letter stating your position, date joined, salary and that you are responsible for all your expenses. Fill-up the application form, ID pictures, photocopy of your EP/SP/Work Permit, passport and bank statement with at least 3500sgd of available balance. Return tickets and hotel accommodation. The visa application is free of charge and if you apply on a Monday, you will get your visa on Thursday after- same week.Tavel

I have always wanted to take an Amtrak trip. One of the downsides of living in the rural area is trying to get to an Amtrak station – all 2 or 3 hours from here – in the middle of the night. Having to board a train at three ayem sort of dims the excitement.

Happy New Year, and please remember to be true to you and the life you want to lead this year — no matter what. Travel by train is something you should experience at least once in a lifetime. A great lens! They’re talking to local mayors and county commissioners, too. And they’re pressing outside groups to spend big on advertising support.

You moght as well try the Tiger Cave for some spiritual and physical travel challenge. I was not able to reach the cave located on top of the mountain cliffs as I’m not physically prepared for it. It will take you hundreds of steps to reach it peak so you better be dressed accordingly. Krabi was such an amazing place to unwind if you’re looking for vacation spot aside from Phuket and Bangkok.

Why are manners still needed in this day and age? Aren’t manners outdated and stupid? Well, no, manners are never out of date. The English language can trip you up in so many places; even native speakers fall victim at times. Many of the mistakes can be attributed to carelessness, and misunderstanding of the spoken word.