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Ensuring Minimal Downtime for Mortgage Sites and Its Importance

It can be devastating for your business if your website experiences downtime even for a few minutes. Some of the outright negative effects of an offline website include losing customers, credibility, and money. A delicate balance of the three aspects listed is necessary for any mortgage site.

Customers are an important part of any business hence they must be present for a business to operate. On the other hand, it is through credibility that the number of your customers can increase. As a result, the lack of credibility and few customers will lead to losing money.

The three factors interlink hence if one fails, the effects can lead to a vicious cycle of problems but which can be prevented. Downtime can lead to many negative effects, which you can measure with the help of a downtime calculator. The following information discusses how you can prevent your site from experiencing downtime as well as ideas on choosing a downtime calculator.

Importance of Downtime Calculator and The Need for Uptime for Mortgage Sites

Unplanned Downtime
It is scary to know that it is hard to predict when your website could experience downtime. Downtime can occur at any time without any notice. The many aspects involved in keeping a site online contribute towards the challenge in predicting when a site could go offline. Despite everything working fine at a given time, it will only take a few seconds for things to change.

Since predicting a downtime is hard, having an uptime service in place can be a good measure. Every minute that a mortgage firm’s website is down can translate to a lot of lost money. Even if you are a successful company, you cannot afford to lose money through an avoidable channel.

Downtime Calculations Help Determine Potential Risks
It can only take few seconds for your company to record losses due to some downtime. The loss can be even bigger if you are a large company. The use of downtime calculators is a simple yet good way of addressing your website’s downtime.

Vulnerable During Downtime
Exposing your customers to risks like fraud and losing money are some of the unwanted things that downtime can cause. When your website is down, it becomes more susceptible to DDoS attacks, which cause more challenges like in live websites. The DDoS attacks make it easy for hackers to gain access to important records. If your customers find out about an attack on your website and unnecessary changes of the VA interest rates, they may opt to take you to court. Lawsuits in the courts against mortage companies are common in cases where they failed to secure their systems hence making it easy for downtimes and hackers to have their way.

Mortgage companies have to ensure that their websites suffer from no downtimes.