Winkler’s Travelogue

For our first excursion from Cairanne, we chose a trip to the other side – the other side of the Rhone that is. Carole and Claude had never been to Lirac and Tavel before so we determined that the quickest way go on the A7 north to Orange Nord and then the A9 south for one exchange. This is definitely not the shortest route as the crow flies, but it is the fastest way and in around 40 minutes from Cairanne, we were in Tavel country – you defintely can’t do it that quickly across country. After the autoroute, we first drove through St. Laurent des Arbres with its impressive chateau. Plan on purchasing your tickets in advance as seats are reserved. (Tickets go on sale 30 days before the date of travel. The earlier you buy your ticket, the cheaper they will be.) The train trip from Paris to Aix TGV station is 3 hours, and if you have never traveled by the high speed train system in France, you are in for a treat! Navigating the system is dead easy, signage is in French but readily understandable by English speakers, the trains are extremely comfortable and reliable, and the staff are extremely helpful.

Since you have a great lens about Amtrak, I hope you will take the time to have a look at my work and perhaps join the group (with a small g) for mutual benefit. How to determine if your aunt is your great aunt or grand aunt, and whether you have met a first cousin or second cousin at the family reunion.Tavel

NTA Chief Digambar Jha told Onlinekhabar that the NTA executive meeting hung on Friday arranged a moment for allowing the legislature possessed Nepal Telecom authorization for the operation of 4G administration. Good Day! My family has a US multiple ( 10 years ) entry visa. We are planning to visit Guam this summer Do we still need to apply for a visa? I know Guam is a US territory but I just want confirmation. thanks and more power!

But until it’s time to get on the plane, I read books, wonderful books, that evoke the region, the culture, the wine and the food. I particularly enjoy books by anglophones who have settled in France, come to terms with a different pace and world view, and who share their trials and triumphs with those of us who only dream of someday……someday……. staying longer than work and limited vacation time currently allow.

Going to Brazil? Get on board a Qatar Airline to Doha then connecting flight to Sao Paolo, Brazil. The flight takes 37 hours to complete. Or take Continental to Dallas that connects to Buenos Aires if you’re going to Argentina. You don’t need a US transit visa (that’s true in Dallas and should be true in California)so long as you have a forward ticket to Brazil and you stay at the US airport no more than 1 day.

I’ve taken subway trains, and a few short train rides in Europe, but never Amtrak in the USA. I’d love to one day though! Axios Future of Work Steve LeVine reports on the biggest ricochet story in our lives: robots, artificial intelligence, jobs, and global economics.